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System Requirements
This site can be best viewed with Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher with a screen resolution 1024 x 768.
Please change your display settings as mentioned above if the screen resolution is less than1024 x 768.
Macromedia Flash Plug in 9.0 or higher is required to view animations on this site.
For more about Flash Plug in information click here.

Pop-up Blockers
Yahoo, MSN and Google toolbars etc have pop-up blockers. They prevent opening up of a new window after clicking on 'Login' button on this site. So please check whether you have installed any one of such pop-up Blocker.

  • To let a pop-up through on a one-time basis, press and hold the CTRL key as you click "Login" button which allows to login and view animations from Classontheweb site.
  • To completely disable the pop-up blocker, open the Toolbar Options window and clear the checkbox next to pop-up blocker.
The pop-up blocker is available only for Internet Explorer version 5.5 and later.

Some Firewalls may prevent sites from opening pop-up windows. Please check whether firewall is installed on your system or on the network gateway and whether the pop-up blocker is enabled. If so, disable the pop-up blocker to login and view animation from Classontheweb site.

If fonts are not properly displayed in the Internet Explorer, then follow the steps below:
Open Internet Explorer. 
Check for the font size by clicking on "View" menu - "Text Size" and set it to - "Medium".
Check for font settings by clicking on "Tools" menu - "Internet Options" - in the "General" section - "Fonts". Change them as given below:

  • Language Script - "Latin based"
  • Web page font - "Times New Roman"
  • Plain Text font - "Courier New".
Internet Explorer Settings:
Internet Explorer settings might have changed which may cause errors and images may not be displayed on some pages. To restore the default settings for Internet Explorer, follow the steps as given below:
  • Open Internet Explorer, go to "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options" and go to "Advanced Tab".
  • Click on "Restore Defaults" and then "Apply" button.
If you still have any problems using this site, please click here to write to us about the nature of the problem along with hardware and software details of the system to our Support Team.
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